Cat Town Café: the cat bar really unlike any other

For a long time confined to large Japanese cities, the concept of the cat bar has made little in the world in recent months. Paris, London, Vienna, Berlin: The cat cafes follow one another and are all similar . All but one

Much more than just a cat bar

The first cat bar in the United States, the Cat Town Café & Adoption Center has just opened in Oakland , in California, and if it stands out from other establishments of Neko Japanese cafes, it is because its purpose is not lucrative . No, all its boarders are cats from refuge with which the customers can leave again!
The cats of cafe-refuge Cat Town are indeed proposed for the adoption. The felines come from a local association, Cat Town, which catches cats previously considered unsuitable after spending months or years in a shelter.

A real success

Rather than "lending" cats for an hour or two to make a living, Ann Dunn, the creator of this coffee unlike any other decided to bet on the success of cat bars to help abandoned animals .
And it works! The café opened last weekend and already six of the first nine cats in the establishment have found a house.
Many other cat bars are expected to open in the United States and the rest of the world. the coming months. It remains to be seen whether they will be inspired by Cat Town Café.