Cat thrown in the trash: the torturer will be judged

The woman who threw a cat in the trash because she found that " it could be funny , will finally be prosecuted for 2 acts of cruelty to an animal

You could not miss these images that went around of the world. It shows a British bank employee 45 years old stroking a cat sitting at the top of a wall along the sidewalk on which she walks. For no apparent reason, she catches the cat by the skin of the neck and puts it in the dumpster in front of her.

Its owners will find it only 15 hours later , safe and sound. What this woman does not know is that a camera filmed her madness. She was found a few hours later, and must now answer the complaint of the RSCPA ( SPA British).

The bank employee is accused of 2 things: having caused unnecessary suffering to an animal, and intentionally placing an animal in an unsuitable environment

It risks a imprisonment and a lifetime ban on owning pets . She will be judged next month

A woman throws a cat in the trash