A cat survives two rifle shots in the North

In the North, Adolphe, an adorable cat aged a little over a year, was the victim of two rifle shots. Stephanie and Jacques Carbonnet, his masters, are determined to shed light on this case and have already filed a complaint.

Found while he was a little kitten a few days, Adolphe (who owes his name with its white coat and the little black stain on his nose) quickly became the mascot of the bakery of his humans who are true animal lovers.

Touched by two Rifle fire

As he was walking as usual in the early afternoon, Adolphe returned to his masters covered with blood . Worried, they take him immediately to see a veterinarian to have information on his state of health. The cat was actually hit by two rifle shots twenty-two long rifle. Once in the abdomen, the other time to a paw. Fortunately for Adolphe, the bullets did not touch a vital organ and passed through his body without lodging there.

Very high fees

To put Adolphe back on his feet, his humans have already disbursed more than 800 euros . If the cat does not get too bad after receiving two bullets, it may have to be amputated if the nerve endings do not work properly. But no matter, for its teachers it is obvious that Adolphe must receive the best care possible to restore health.

Very sustained daily by all the customers of the bakery, Stéphanie and Jacques Carbonnet decided to complain because they have some suspicions.

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