A cat saves 3 people from carbon monoxide poisoning

Three women have survived carbon monoxide poisoning thanks to the curious behavior of the domestic cat

By his strange attitude , the feline made them understand that had to be evacuated .

A woman leaves her car running in the garage

At the end of the afternoon, a resident of Palm-Harbor, Florida, USA, returns home by car.

Like every night, she parks her vehicle in her garage before lower the electric gate

That's it, this professor of theology is late. She must give a private lesson to a mother and her daughter on the occasion of the Bar mitzvah

of the latter. Pressed, she forgets to cut contact

of his vehicle...

Teacher's cat waving and meowing gives the alert

The teacher greets his two pupils and begins the lesson. Moments later, mother , girl and teacher start to feel bad . They experience strong headaches and vertigo

... Suddenly, the house cat enters the living room. The feline is very agitated , it turns around , trembles and starts meowing

very strongly and quite unusually. It will take no more to alert the 3 women . They catch the cat and then all together, they come out of the house and call the help

Very weak, they are supported by firefighters and immediately conducted in the hospital

The cat, also in need of care

... He is taken in charge by a veterinarian Today, all have found their home. Still tired, they must rest. Fortunately, the cat suffers from no sequel

! Like the dog that saves its masters from the attack of a bear, this cat is a hero