Cat mimes: 15 cats that imitate humans incredibly

Uncontested stars of the web, cats never stop to conquer the hearts , and do not be afraid of words, the world!
It must be said that these endearing and touching hairballs are not lacking in talent , all more incredible than the others.

Champions of nap, improbable breaks, petty attacks, waking up at 6am, torn sofa... they are also the kings of mime !
The proof? Here it is in pictures!

Our dear and tender felines sometimes have disconcerting human attitudes! Here to prove it to the most skeptical, 15 mime cats (or cats themselves), simply thundering !

1. Open a bottle of champagne is an art

2. The one who goes shopping at the supermarket

3. The pianist in full recital

4. He who looks at his neighbor having forgotten to draw his curtains

5. The one who rides

6. Whoever does not believe what he sees (or the famous OMG Cat)

7. Whoever is karaoke fan

8. Whoever does "aahh" at the dentist

9. Whoever receives a breaking text

10. The sneaker snowboarder

11. The tango dancer

12. The champion of air guitar

13. The one who is never happy (interpreted with talent by Grympy Cat!)

14. Whoever looks at France 2 early in the morning

15. The chess player in full reflection

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