Cat mating

The period heat occurs in cats in spring and autumn and lasts about 20 to 30 days. The mating of the male and the female can be repeated several times and the female can have several partners. A cat can become a mother two, three or more rarely four times a year.

For the cat to reach a good sexual maturity , it is better to wait for the second or third heat (after the at least ten or twelve months old) before letting it mate, also carefully evaluating the period when the kittens will be born, knowing that the pregnancy of the cat lasts about 63 days . The kittens born in the spring are actually more robust because the climate is milder and they are therefore less prone to diseases and colds.

In general, the cat , a few days before heat , becomes particularly agitated : it makes, for example, sudden leaps and rolls on the carpets. When the heat itself arrives, it becomes really affectionate , especially with its male master, rubs its head on the ground and on objects, utters small meows that will be stronger and more insistent before to take the characteristic position of the mating, front legs down, belly on the ground and hind legs stretched, tail in the air. If you want little ones, you have to mate it before the 20th day of heat .

As for the male , the problems are different: it does not rub not against objects like the female, but it is always willing to mate ; he will not be excited until the spring, at the time of the love calls of the females. By letting him out or by giving him a companion, the master will solve the situation without causing him too much trouble.

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