Euthanized cat with fault: to whom the fault

A young cat was the unfortunate victim of a quarrel between her owner and a vet in the Charleroi region of Belgium. A legal action was taken but for the animal, the harm is done.

While the young cat had been hit by a car , Sandrine his owner, immediately brought him to the veterinary. And there versions diverge .

According to Sandrine, who had not the means to pay the operation and the heavy treatment necessary for the recovery of the cat, the veterinarian would have been angry. He would have gone to her house and threatened to kill the cat if she did not pay.

And, according to Sandrine, he would have joined the action: he would have taken out the animal of the car, would have stung then thrown on the step of the door .

The version of the vet is quite different: according to him Sandrine did not want to pay the care of the young pussy, nor recover it. He would have gone home several times to return the animal but she never wanted to recover it. He ended up with euthanasia "for his good" and then wrapped it up and put it in front of his owner's door to face his responsibilities.

Justice has not yet been made, but what is certain is that an innocent animal who could have been saved was the unjust victim of a