Cat collar: what's the use?

The cat collar does not really have the same use as the dog collar. A dog wears a collar to be on a leash, while a cat wears a collar to be identified quickly.

Why put a necklace to his cat?

Let it be a flat cat or live outdoors, a cat does not really wish to walk on a leash (although it is quite possible to walk a cat on a leash if desired)

If the primary purpose of the dog collar is walking on a leash, a cat will wear a collar to be easily identified.

The cat collar is mandatory for all cats who have the opportunity to go outside. If it does not, it may be considered abandoned and may be brought to the pound.


Medal This is not only the cat collar that will identify your pet, but the that you will hang on this necklace

On the cat medal, it is advisable to put one or two phone numbers (preferably mobile), your name and the name of your city of residence

It is inadvisable to put the name of your cat on the medal. Indeed, a malicious person could kidnap your pet with more ease if he knows his name.

The anti-flea collar

Why not join the useful to... the useful in dressing your cat a anti-chip collar ? In addition to adding a medal to identify it, the anti-chip collar will durably repel the external parasites of your companion.

Usually made from essential oils, the anti flea collar is active for 2 to 4 months depending on the model you choose

However, the anti-flea collar is not always enough and you may need to treat your cat against parasites to protect it more effectively.

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