Cat brush: an essential accessory to grooming

From a very young age, the cat must be brushed during changes of seasons . Cats with medium to long hairs should be brushed more regularly to avoid noodles and maintain the cat's coat.

It is also with the cat brush that you will limit the hair loss that could cover your furniture and your clothes.

Needless to say that a cat brush will be your best ally in this

Cat Brush with Spikes To Prepare Cat Coat a tooth comb , use a oval brush with spaced barbs

or cat brush .

This first step will untangle cat's hair to facilitate combing. Without this precondition, brushing could be an even more unpleasant time than it already is for the feline!

catbrush must be used on the least sensitive parts of the feline: back, neck, flanks The cat comb brush After carefully detangling the cat's hair

, we can apply to comb the cat with a


The comb must be smoothly applied to the same areas as the brush Subsequently, a Furmaster comb

or Foolee brush will remove dead hair and deep undercoats.

Please note that this Cat Brush must not be used on the feline's belly, nor more than once a week.

Cat Smoothing Brushes The

Straightening Brush can be used all over the cat's body after brushing. It puts the cat's coat back in order and makes it shine. This brush also allows to smooth the hair

of the cat's head without the risk of injuring it.