Books on cats: the top 5 of AllCreatureAnimalClinic!

At AllCreatureAnimalClinic, we love animals!

So much so that when an opportunity to introduce nice books on our furry friends presents itself, we jump on it without hesitation.

So for you, we have gathered 5 books on cats, so that you do not ignore anything more about these rascals of felines.

Ready to complete your library ? Let's go!

The language of the cat

Having a cat is good. To understand it, to be able to decipher its signs , to interpret its behavior is better!

For that, we have the book that you need: The language of the cat , Nicoletta Magno .

This psychologist knows a ray about cats because she is also... Carthusian breeder!

This book aims to better approach the cat in the variety of signals that he can send.

By analyzing his postures and his different cries , cat owners will be able to better apprehend their animal and thus improve their relationship with him. A must-have !

Why does my cat do that?

All recent (the book was published in February 2011), Why does my cat do that? is the result of the work of renowned domestic feline specialist

Sarah Heath is a lecturer in small animal behavioral medicine at the veterinary school of University of Liverpool, and president of the European Society of Veterinary Ethology .

It is as if she knows her subject at her fingertips.

In these pages you will find answers to questions that you ask yourself about sometimes bewildering behaviors of our salon tigers

Obviously, it also proposes solutions to these funny attitudes.

A book tested and approved by the writing of AllCreatureAnimalClinic!

World encyclopedia of cats

As the name suggests, The world encyclopedia of cats is a work that includes all ra these cats recognized throughout the world

Through more than 600 cat pictures and 70 breed cards, you will know everything about their history, their character, how to take care of them or to treat them...

it's a real AllCreatureAnimalClinic paper version!

This encyclopedia for cat lovers was co-written by a breeder, a breeder-psychologist (N.Magno, author of the cat language presented above) and a veterinarian- journalist

Beautiful people for a very complete and interesting book

Mini-dictionary bilingual french-cat / french cat

More playful and not devoid of humor, this Mini Bilingual Dictionary French-Cat / French-Cat reviews everything a master should know about his beloved pet

In 160 words , you'll get definitions of everything which makes up the daily life of a cat owner

To complete the whole, a hundred drawings illustrate the man-cat relationship .

What makes us say that you will like this book?

To believe the cover, it was "read and approved" by the cats themselves!

To have in his library.

My pet

To finish this top 5, we selected the book called My pet , published Editions De Vecchi .

S ' it is not specifically about cats, we could not miss out as it is complete and gives good advice to children, which it is intended primarily. However, the tone will suit all readers.

Indeed, all the most common rodents are present alongside the cat and the dog.

But we also find information on the canary, the turtle or the goldfish.

With this book, you will be ready to choose the animal that suits you best , welcome it, raising or caring for it

In a nutshell: essential and versatile

If you like animal books , you will surely appreciate this book as well. you have been recently introduced to AllCreatureAnimalClinic: How to domesticate your master when you are a cat? Happy reading to all!