Cat and dog waking up: who will be the cutest? (Video of the day)

While most of us have awful heads on waking (hair disheveled, pale complexion and & oelig; he asleep, you see the table?) , our pets do not have that kind of problem. For them, the main concern is to decide when to get up to eat a piece . And to watch the awakening of our little companions is sometimes a great moment! As you can see on these videos of a cat and a dog , opening the eyelids is quite a story but one thing is certain is that they are cute on waking.
And you, are you in the morning or every day a fight against the pillow that you have to stay snuggled against him? From your answer, you will be able to determine if you are a dog or cat in the morning . But something tells us that the majority of us are cats: it's so nice to be warm at the bottom of his bed!

This cat plays hide and seek or else he tries to sleep

This little dog is more active than his friend the cat on awakening!