Cat and balcony: danger and protection

cat is an animal agile and flexible , perfectly not able to walk on the narrow edge of a balcony. That is true. But it is also true that cats regularly fall balconies. Although they always fall on their feet, they often hurt themselves and even kill each other.

The most common injuries are fractures of the jaws, of one or more limbs, of the spine. The organs are also often affected and it is not uncommon to observe pneumothorax (presence of air under the pleura), pulmonary hemorrhages, tears of the kidney and blisters burst.

The cat, an agile climber

If the cat falls, it is often because the ground is slippery (after the rain), because he has seen a bird and is trying to catch it, but also often because a door slammed or noise in the apartment distracted!

It is therefore important to protect windows and balconies . Transparent plastic nets stretched over wooden frames or fixed by hooks on the balcony are the best solution. Invisible from the outside, they allow airing the apartment without risk of falling for the cat.

They can be used on balconies but also on window openings without harming the aesthetics of the building. You have to secure the entire open area , the cat being a nimble climber that a net of 1 meter height will not stop.

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