Care and Risks in Bitch Gestation

Gestation is the state of the female when she expects cubs. Attention to the administration of drugs during pregnancy; some may result in an abortion

Gestational care

The pregnant bitch must be properly dewormed. It will be at the beginning of the heat, then 3 weeks before the delivery.

The vaccinations will be done just before the projection so that the female can transmit its antibodies to the puppies. No vaccination will be performed during pregnancy. Never forget to report a possible pregnancy during a veterinary consultation

Risks incurred during pregnancy

Abortions : They may be due to an infection or a combination of other causes

infections: They can be caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites. Only an analysis will determine the nature of the infectious agent. The most common causes are salmonella and streptococci

Other causes : Trauma, poisoning and genetic problems are to be considered.

Some drugs in particular may induce abortions:
- corticosteroids
- aspirin
- vitamin A overdosed
- tetracyclines

Always read the instructions for use carefully. It is important in the context of a breeding to understand the reasons for an abortion. Your vet will help you. The first measure is the analysis of the fetus expelled.

Gestation accidents
Apart from abortion, incidents may be responsible for blocking pregnancy. The young can die and give rise to a uterine infection putting the life of the female in danger. These accidents often occur in the second month of gestation

ectopic pregnancy
The true ectopic pregnancy, that is to say the development of the embryo outside the uterus, is very rare in the dog. It is much more often the rupture of the uterus at the end of gestation.

The felonies are then found in the abdomen and, unable to continue their development, they dry up. A phenomenon of mummification occurs that may go unnoticed because the dog remains healthy. Uterine infection can occur after rupture of the uterus; surgery is required

Uterine torsion
One of the two uterine horns turns on itself. This condition is very painful and the surgery must be rapid

Hernia of the uterus
The gravid uterus, very heavy, passes at the level of the groin, out of the abdomen and forms a big ball on the inner side of the thigh. The normal development of the puppies is possible but a caesarean section is necessary for the farrowing.

The supergestation
There is a very particular phenomenon in the bitch called "supergestation". After mating, the heat does not stop and the female can be protruded in the same cycle by another dog. She will be able to have small of two different fathers in the same litter, the first projection not stopping the ovulation. It is necessary, therefore, to be very vigilant after a breeding with a purebred dog, and to watch the "kennel" who can pass by!

Similarly, the dog can be taken at the beginning of the cycle or at the end of the cycle. If there are very good times, that does not mean that it does not risk anything outside of them.

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