Captain Jack, the new Grumpy cat?

Become a star on the web? Nothing easier when you're a cat! Maru, Lil Bub or Grumpy Cat know something, they have thousands of fans around the world. And these cats certainly do not look very favorably at the arrival of a Captain Jack , Angry Cat of his little nickname, in the world of the most famous felines of the web ...

The pout does not make the cat!

This pouting Persian even more grumpy (and that's saying that) that Grumpy cat landed on the web just a few days ago. Found wandering on the street, he was picked up by a North Carolina shelter in the United States.

But the poor tomcat had a hard time finding a family... One by one, potential adopters have fled in front of his funny face . This beautiful cat is yet a cream, says the staff of the New Hanover Sheriff Office Animal Services Unit.

The shelter then called on his Facebook page , relying on humor to offer him all the chances of being adopted. " I'll make this head until someone adopts " reads the picture of the furious looking cat

Very quickly, the photo was commented and shared by dozens of people. And four days later, the cat left the refuge in the arms of his new family. He, whom no one wanted, suddenly became the cat that everyone wanted!

" We are so happy that he has found a loving home ," said Shelter Director Delisa Derseraux . Two years old, the cat was renamed Captain Jack. And if he continues to make head despite being adopted, it is probably because the employees of the shelter had to shave in his hair was tangled. " As soon as his fur has repelled, he will feel like a Persian king again, he knows what he's worth " Delisa Derseraux has fun

Captain Jack's new mistress, Shaine Poone , has a very nice smile!