A Canine Educator Offers Training to Save a Dog

A municipal policeman and dog master of Castres (81) showed a great generosity by offering the compulsory training to a Rottweiler threatened with euthanasia since the law " dangerous dogs "

A woman from the town of Boissezon was alone with Rootch , a dog category 2 (watchdog and defense dog) since the departure of his spouse. Since she did not have the financial means, she did not pass the compulsory formalities for the detention of a dog of this type.

Result, the mayor of the city sent him several reminders to summon him to comply with the new law. Otherwise, the 8-year-old Rottweiler would be put on pound and even risk euthanasia. This action earned the mayor the release of a petition accusing him of wanting to kill the animal.

A badly respected law

David Metz, municipal policeman and canine educator approved to pass the training of 7 hours costing 100 euros got wind of this story in the pages of the daily La Dépêche

Sensitive to the fate of this dog who did not ask anyone, he decides to act. While a call for donations is already circulating through the association Molosse lover's, he decides to contribute "in kind": it is he who will train Rootch for free!

This educator at large regret regrets the rejection of the law "dangerous dogs" by a large number of dog owners concerned. Respectful of the order, he affirms that many do not follow the formation by simple carelessness or rebellion.

Nevertheless, he is persuaded that at the next incident made public and involving one of these dogs, the authorities will pass at the top speed and there will be a carnage

As a reminder, you have to spend about 200 euros to comply with this type of dog: on average 100 euros to obtain the certificate of aptitude (for life), and 100 to 150 euros for behavioral evaluation by a veterinarian.