Called to save puppies, firefighters quickly understand that they are not dogs (Video)

Sometimes the animals are not the ones we believe in!

A few weeks ago in Colorado, the fire chief receives an urgent call: 8 small puppies apparently of Labrador race are stuck in a drain pipe and need help immediately. Neither one nor two. Firefighters go out to help the little black puppies

An express rescue and a big surprise

Thirty minutes later, the eight puppies came out of their pipes and out of danger. They are then taken to the nearest SPA in order to be properly cared for and receive all the necessary care .

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But on the spot, firefighters are under the shock of what they are told. These eight puppies are actually not puppies at all. One of the veterinarians explains to firefighters that it is actually small red foxes . In this region, foxes are quite numerous and are often low during the month of March. This discovery is therefore not very surprising.

First, the baby foxes will be brought back to where they were found to give their mom a chance to find them. If she did not come back to look after them, then the foxes would be taken to a wildlife center.

In any case, their lives are no longer in danger .

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