Calculate the age of the cat

Calculate age cat in human years: all masters do it and know it, it's more fun than useful! But no matter, it is always fun to know how old is his cat (adult or not) in the age of man!

For the collective imagination, our cats and domestic kittens have 7 lives... Let's start by discovering how old they would have if they were human.

But how old can my cat be?

A domestic cat lives on average between 10 and 16 years . Also, if it is around 10 years that the first signs of old age can appear, your cat certainly has not said his last word!

Since the life span of 'a cat is closely related to its race, sex, diet and quality of life, the relationship between the ages of the cat and those of man is purely indicative and refers to the domestic cat that lives with the family. That's all you need to know to know the age of your cat

Cat - Man: childhood, adolescence

1 month - 5 or 6 months
2 months - 1 year
3 months - 3 years
4 months - 5 years
6 months - 13 years
1 year - 18 years

Cat - Male: adult

2 years - 25 years
3 years - 33 years
6 years - 40 years
8 years - 50 years
10 years - 65 years
12 years - 75 years
14 years - 80 years
16 years - 90 years

> A veterinarian explains on video how to know the age of a kitten

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