But what is the favorite animal of the French?

Dog? Cat? Goldfish ? What is really the favorite animal of the French? To find out, the site Vivastreet interviewed its users

And the favorite animal of the French is... the dog ! A study conducted by the site of free classifieds Vivastreet has revealed that 48% of French people prefer the dog to any other species. The cat (25% of respondents) and the horse (20% of respondents) come in second and third place.

The dog, best friend of the man

If the dog is the favorite animal of the French, it's good because he's their best friend: they understand us and are able to detect our emotions. The least, therefore, is to give them back some of the love they give us!

> How to show love to your dog?

What is the favorite dog breed of the French

According to the poll by Vivastreet, the favorite dog of the French is the German Shepherd, 39% of them, followed by Labrador and French Bulldog.

Note however that the German Shepherd For the first time in nearly fifty years, the breed most present in the Book of French Origins (LOF): it was dethroned in 2016 by the Belgian Shepherd who is henceforth the race which counts most of inscriptions to the LOF

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