Buried in garbage, this cat was calling for help when suddenly...

He was very lucky...

When he was quietly sitting in his garden, a man suddenly heard strange noises. Tightening his ears a bit, he realizes that these are the scared meows of a cat , meows that come from a pile of compost. He then goes to the compost and finds a little kitten of four weeks, buried in the garbage. The man then immediately contacts a local association so that the kitten is taken care of and placed safely .

"When I took him in my arms, he was all shaking and dead Fear, "explains Paige Burnham, who has taken care of the kitten.

Once safely in the shelter, the kitten is renamed Russell. Luckily, he had no injuries or health problems. He was just hungry and terrorized . Immediately, all members of the shelter fall under the spell of this adorable hairball.

"We have no idea where he can come from. It may be a lost kitten or a kitten that has been swayed outside. We do not know. In any case, her mother was nowhere and he had nothing to do alone in nature.

Today in good health and fit, Russell will soon be able to find his family for life to start a new life in the comfort of a home with caring humans.

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