Buried alive, this dog narrowly escaped certain death

A dog was found seriously injured, buried alive, near Montreal, Canada. He is currently in a veterinary clinic where he is slowly recovering from this trauma.

As he was walking around, a man heard moans. He walked towards this noise, and then fell on a dog's paw that was coming out from under the ground. Immediately, the man began to push the earth and the dust, and then discovered, stupefied, a dog. He was still breathing.

Why was the dog buried alive?

After calling an emergency service, officers with a local SPCA member (the equivalent of our SPA) arrived on site They dug out the poor dog , wrapped in a blanket, the hole at the bottom of which he was buried. Had he been buried because his master thought he was dead? This is a hypothesis, but it is also possible that the dog was buried alive voluntarily, especially since it seems to have been struck and strangled.

Now, the dog is safe with a veterinarian. He can not get up yet but his heart started beating normally. A survey is open to find the owners of this dog and find out what he has suffered. Last January, in this area, two dogs were stolen from two different people, then found dead strangled.

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