Burglars take a cat hostage to get money from their victim

Two burglars entered a septuagenarian last Sunday in Jumet (Charleroi), Belgium. To steal his property, they threatened to attack his cat...

It's a bit as if the criminals had asked their victim a ransom to deliver his cat. This Sunday, as the 77-year-old slept on her couch, two hooded individuals entered her home. Armed, the men forced her to sit on a chair while asking her where she was hiding her money. The lady obeyed but for thieves, the booty was not enough

They threaten to behead her cat

That's when they threatened to behead her cat to the help from shears if she did not give them more. The victim had no choice but to give them his credit card and code. One of the burglars went to collect cash at the cash machine while his accomplice was watching. They then went aboard the lady's vehicle. The Peugeot 307 was later found, and an investigation was opened.

Although shocked, the woman is safe and sound like her cat.

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