Buddy, the dog stronger than Lassie (video)

Buddy is a German Shepherd who proves to us that the cult television series Lassie is a fiction all that is more realistic. On 4 April he went to seek help while his master's house, Ben Heinrichs, was on fire.

That night, a fire broke in Ben's studio, located right next to his house. Rescuers have been alerted, but Ben's home is quite difficult to access and the night is dark.

Ben, who trusts his dog, sends him for the rescue car to drive them to his home. The German Shepherd runs, finds the rescue car on the road, then guides them several hundred meters to the house.

The camera present in the rescue car immortalized this scene worthy of a great Hollywood film. The local police decorated Buddy for his bravery and offered him a brand new plastic bone and bowl!