Brussels continues to rely on cats and humor to attract tourists

For four days, due to threats of imminent attacks, the city of Brussels has was paralyzed and squared off by the police. On Sunday evening, November 22, the police asked the Belgians not to divulge any information on social networks about what they could see in their neighborhood. It was then that a wave of kittens swept over Twitter and Facebook , under the hashtag #BruxellesLockdown.
It is with lolcats that the Belgians, and soon the rest of the world, responded to the police request. It has not failed to thank the cats for their contribution to the fight against terrorism, by posting on Twitter the picture of a bowl full of croquettes.

But the Belgians do not have any still finished with cats. To encourage tourists to come to Brussels, the tourist offices Visit Brussels, Wallonia-Brussels Tourism and Toerisme Vlaanderen have produced a hilarious video featuring cats in various places of the Belgian capital , such as the Atomium, the Grand Place or the Royal Galleries. A completely crazy video, and funny as the Belgians know it so well!

"Monday, November 23, our cameras went to the center of Brussels. Even if the city was closed, they met there smiling residents, enthusiastic tourists and a suspicious number of cats , "reads the description of the video. And the tourist offices add: " We are proud of the people of Brussels, and we wanted to show our support for the capital " said the tourist offices.

> In response to the terrorist threat, Belgians send kittens!