Browsing the cat-library will eventually not be fired

While he "worked" as a library employee, Browser the cat was going to be fired by decision of the Municipality of White Settlement (Texas). But thanks to the mobilization of Internet users, he can finally continue to nibble on the slices of books...

Faced with the international outcry aroused by the sudden dismissal of Browser chat librarian, the city council finally agreed to reconsider its decision. Browser will stay at the library where he has taken up residence six years ago.

According to a rumor, the city council voted on a whim to dismiss the cat, claiming that he had nothing to do in this public place, after a municipal employee complained that she could not go to work with her dog.

Fortunately, the petition that circulated on the Web, as well as the thousand messages came from all over the world received by the municipality overcame detractors of this poor tomcat. The convincing power of the web has struck again!

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