Brimley, the cat who found a home for the very first time!

Brimley, a handsome Persian, was rescued from a breeding where his well-being was largely neglected. An association, had to help him so that he could get out and be adopted... for the very first time in his life.

Persians are cats who ask (grooming, eye care,...), and Brimley did not receive the care necessary for his health. When he was rescued, his eyes were indeed in a sorry state: covered with a viscous substance, they were badly damaged.

It is the Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue association that took in charge of this beautiful cat. But he did not stay long: just two days after arriving at the shelter, Brimley found a human dad!

And although this pretty Persian was in bad shape, his new owner immediately fell in love with him as soon as they meet. It was after that that he decided to offer him, for the very first time , a house worthy of the name!

Much care was needed to save the left eye of Brimley: daily drops in each eye, eye ointments, oral medication,... Fortunately for this poor hairball, his new dad realized the treatment very seriously, which allowed him to miss

Today, Brimley is a brand new cat! Almost unrecognizable, he seems really happy and soothed to his new master, who has managed to bet him to offer a better life . The two of them chose each other the day of their meeting and since then they have become inseparable!

Brimley has become a really beautiful cat... no?

And this big cat has a lot of humor and more. the proof ? Here it is with a little camouflage session... in the sink!

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