Brigitte Macron receives a very special request from the dog of Laurent Ruquier

The facilitator's Labrador sent a request to the First Lady via Instagram.

The wife of the President of the Republic hit the headlines recently after Emmanuel Macron raised the possibility of granting the First Lady a special status. Internet users have mobilized massively to counter this initiative, pushing the renouncement of the government. This outcry clearly inspired Spinee , the bitch of Laurent Ruquier, who took the opportunity to appeal to Brigitte Macron on Tuesday, August 15.

A status of presidential dog?

On Instagram, Labrador has thus referred to the absence of doggie at the Elysee and asked in turn a very special status. "Since there are no more at the Elysee, I think I will ask Brigitte the status of the first Labra-dor of France:) " It is true that despite the tradition and his recent announcement of adoption in a shelter, the presidential couple has still not brought a dog to the palace.

It is not known who will succeed Philae , the dog of François Holland, offered by Canada, or when his four-legged turnaround will arrive. To believe the words of Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron, it will not be in any case their Dogue argentin Figaro which has been entrusted to the daughter of the First Lady, Tiphaine Auzière, and now resides in Touquet with his family

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