Brigitte Bardot's cat has been found!

What good news! Brigitte Bardot and her cat Rontonton are finally reunited !
Remember, last March, the former actress made a call after the disappearance of her favorite cat .

" My sentence is scary... I do not sleep ! ", she confided, promising a reward to the one who would bring her companion on 4 legs.
Rontonton, who used to stay" stuck as a candy to his mistress "had fled, probably frightened by the pruning work done in the property of the Garrigue BB.

" A wonderful surprise "

Yesterday, Tuesday, April 23, Rontonton returned to his mistress

The cat " was collected on April 9 by Rosine and Christian, a couple of guardians of a property on the road Salin s in Saint-Tropez who takes care of cats. It is the grandson of the family who found the cat who made the connection by seeing the photo of Rontonton on the internet , explained to the AFP the foundation of the animal defender.

" It's a wonderful surprise I was not expecting anymore " says Brigitte Bardot, who, as promised, will give 600 euros to the couple who brought him her 2-year-old cat.

All is good that ends well!