Breeding of illegal dogs (Meuse): 38 Ill-treated Bichons

The SPA and the association 30 million friends have lodged a complaint against a clandestine breeding of Bichons found in a poor state on a farm in the Meuse.

A couple of farmers in their 60s were raising 38 Bichons in deplorable conditions . And they exercised this function for 15 years for its lucrative aspect: the dogs were sold 500 euros room.

Alerted by barking

They are walkers who reported this shady breeding to a shelter of the Thierville SPA. The barking was really suspicious. Martine Schmitt, its president, reveals in Eastern Republican that the intervention was overwhelming.

" They received little food and were eaten up by vermin. It was necessary to intervene urgently .

It even adds: " They were permanently locked up in an obscure stable. They fought each other to get the little food they received. They suffered from abscesses, purulent otitis, and various parasitic and cutaneous diseases. They were neither vaccinated nor tattooed. It was an undeclared breeding .

Dogs to be treated urgently

And most of the work remained to be done. These 38 dogs must be cared for, maintained, but above all sociabilized and educated before they can be proposed for adoption.

For this, important means have been deployed; the foundation 30 million friends brought financial support , and the entire network of Martine Schmitt got underway.

Thanks to the financial help, the dogs were fed, tattooed and vaccinated

Dogs to be rehabilitated

First housed in the SPA shelter, the dogs were placed in host families in the area.

Rehabilitation work will be more difficult as dogs are between 1 and 16 years old. They are very aggressive and do not even know walking on a leash . Not to mention the training of the cleanliness...

It will be necessary, according to Martine, 6 months to reeducate the older dogs.

30 million friends files complaint

And the couple of farmers in all that? They risk 2 years in prison and 30,000 euros in fines since the foundation 30 million friends filed a complaint for ill-treatment and illegal breeding .

But Martine Schmitt is pessimistic: « The goal is that people like that can not start again, that they are banned from breeding. But if the procedures last for years, the penalties are usually small. For us, it's a drama.