Courageous, a cat remains impassive against a dangerous snake until the arrival of the police

It was on an unusual scene that the police in Laguna Vista, Texas, fell a few days ago: a domestic cat has faced a giant snake known for its venomousness.

Serene and imperious, the feline has not moved a hair. However, he could not have emerged victorious from this terrible face to face: a rattlesnake longer than 2.50 meters - fresh out of hibernation - has stuck to his side, aggressive. Because yes, between March and April, the temperatures warm up and it is at this time that snakes of this genus - whose venom is highly toxic and which usually feed on rodents or insects - wake up to eat after the months spent sleeping and fasting.

Alerted, the Laguna Vista police were eager to intervene. And if at first she wanted to immortalize the duel to alert the local population through Facebook, she then made sure to capture the imposing reptile to save the cat.

Facebook - Laguna Vista Police Department

The snake was huge and represented a real danger for the cat as well as the inhabitants.

Facebook - Laguna Vista Police Department

Barely posted on the social network, pictures sparked many reactions. But with a lot of humor, some people did not hesitate to make the cliché ironic: "It looks like he says to her, 'man, swallow that language, I have 9 lives, you only have one, and you go lose it '"; "That's why the Egyptians loved them," reads the comments.

Facebook - Laguna Vista Police Department

Anyway, thanks to the police, the cat - who was not impressed for a penny - got away with it... without a hitch!

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