Brad Pitt spends more than € 57,000 on gerbils!

Staying in their castle in the south of France, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their little family took the opportunity to visit a pet shop.

A small kitten for Zahara and Shiloh? A puppy for Maddox and Pax? No, it's just gerbils that Brad decided to buy from his small tribe.

Simply and... modestly?

Not that much because if Brad saved money by buying gerbils instead of dog breed, it is to better not skimp then on the panoply essential!

Brad indeed spent more than 57 000 € in gadgets for rodents: giant cages, tunnels, platforms, labyrinths, swings... A real amusement park for gerbils!

But it's because he finds his account papapitt, because he who is a fan of architecture (he even helped the reconstruction of New Orleans) had to spend time in build this luxury cage.

But as long as he can reconcile passion and family, it's all good for Brad! It remains to be seen if Angelina participated in the construction... Be that as it may, at the Brangelina's, gerbils have a good life...

But for tighter budgets, no worries, gadgets just as fun and to affordable prices exist. Rodents of all kinds will have fun in the Habitrail cage !