Borrow My Dog: a site to borrow a dog and to help with pleasure!

Borrow My Dog is a site that allows you to to all individuals - especially those who can not have animals - to "borrow" someone else's dog for a walk, a weekend or a vacation.

Do you like dogs but have always dreamed of having one? Borrow My Dog is a site made for you! It allows you to get in touch with dog owners who want to keep their companion for a longer or shorter period (an hour, a day, a week...). After interacting with these people via integrated messaging to get to know you, you can meet. And if the feeling passes, you can then borrow the animal.

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Masters, borrowers and dogs: everyone wins!

Ce site offers a great alternative to all those who can not have a dog because of their private or professional life, lack of time or frequent travel for example. It can also be seen as a " training" for all future dog owners who wish to first become familiar with the canine species before taking the step of adoption.

Finally, Emprunte My Toutou is a precious help for all owners who need to keep their dog, whatever the duration. It allows to find a person of confidence, passionate, who can take care of his animal in his absence. And in addition, this service is free and secure: an identity verification helps ensure safety and the well-being of doggies. So do not wait any longer, visit the site of Emprunte My Toutou !

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