Boots, the dog that helps orphan kittens to grow well

Boots, it is the name of a formidable dog. This 12-year-old Golden Retriever crossed Chow-Chow survived the devastating hurricane Katrina in 2005 in the southern United States. And since a few weeks, it is to other beings that Boots is devoted .

A super nanny

The dog has indeed become a super nanny for kittens ! He looks after the small boarders of the nursery Arizona Humane Society in Phoenix. And the least we can say is that he takes his role very seriously. This shelter collects and cares for abandoned kittens or orphans still too young to be adopted.

Boots helps tiny nursery hairballs to get used to the presence of other animals, larger and belonging to other species. So when they are old enough to be adopted, they will be able to reach families with 4-legged companions.

"More adaptable and more adoptable"

"By bringing a dog nanny here, we expose kittens to different things, "spokeswoman Bretta Neslon told KPNX Local Channel.

" In the end, they will be more adaptable and more adoptable ". Some kittens are more fearful than others vis-à-vis their big visitor. But over the course of their encounters - Boots comes to see them once a week - even the most timid little ones end up feeling more comfortable with him.

"A win-win relationship"

As for the dog ? "He loves it," says Britta Nelson. "He's so relaxed, we take him here, he sniffs the tents, he sniffs the kittens... It's a win-win relationship for everyone," she says.

Besides the presence of other animals , the kittens shelter also intends to accustom its protected to other things or beings likely to scare them : the vacuum cleaner, cars, children, small animals such as hamsters or guinea pigs .