Boots, the adorable two-legged cat as agile as a ninja

For some abandoned cats, finding a family that will make them happy for the rest of their lives is even harder than for others . Because of their character, their age... or of their disability . Boots is one of those.

This young, barely adult adult tiger from Colorado (USA) was cared for by Life is Better, while she was only 10 days old and had no rear legs , probably because of an accident. She would probably have stuck her legs in some mechanism or in a swinging window and had to be amputated.

A remarkable ability to adapt

A very bad start in life so, and a future compromise . But while Boots could have been euthanized because of this severe disability, she was offered a chance to survive and be happy. Because as the history of Yoga, the paralyzed cat of the rear train, has already proved, felines are able to adapt remarkably well to all situations.

© Megan Brocato

© Life is Better Association

Megan Brocato adopted the little cat. "Boots came to live with me when she was 5 - 6 weeks old," she says. "When she was 6 months old, a vet prepared her for" slippers ". These are actually prostheses placed on the remaining back members of Boots. She had to learn to walk again, with prosthetics this time.

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A cat almost like the others

And as we see a video of the cat descending the stairs on its two front legs, become viral on the internet, Boots has no problem to move now ! However, she has not completely finished with the operations.

Now that she has finished growing, Boots still has to undergo rear leg surgery to better adapt to prosthetics and give her the better comfort of life possible . In any case, it is certain that a bright future is reserved for him, thanks to the generosity of the volunteers and Megan Brocato

© Megan Brocato

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