Boknal, another horror festival that few people know about

After the indignation against the Yulin Festival which has made thousands of dog victims this year, the Humane Society International has a new battleground, unknown to the general public: the festival of Boknal in South Korea.

Celebrated on the hottest three days of summer, the Boknal festival is a celebration of enjoying canine meat . According to the beliefs of the Korean people, eating dog meat during these hottest days would indeed help regulate body temperature and bring down blood pressure.

This year, this sad festival should take place July 17 and 27 as well as August 16.

In order to have a maximum of dogs to be tasted during this festival, Koreans prepare themselves all year round using makeshift farms where near 3 million animals are taken prisoner. Disastrous conditions and overproduction - that's what doggies are about to be consumed.

In addition, according to the Humane Society International, 70% of dog consumption would occur in the summer , and especially during the festival of Boknal where the prices fly away completely: a large dog can sell up to 140 €.

" The dogs endure an existence made of privations on these farms, confined all their lives, in small metal cages without any comfort or proper care. And until the day they are shot, usually by electrocution , "says the Humane Society International. After being held in unhygienic conditions, the dogs are murdered without scruple... and if it is not by electrocution, they are hanged or beaten to death as desired by ancestral customs advocating that torture and adrenaline would make the softer meat

Unlike the Yulin Festival, Boknal is little known to the general public and very little publicized , making the work of associations even more difficult...

Unlike the unpopular Chinese festival in Yulin that we are also fighting, Boknal is not really an "event" that should be abolished. Instead, we need to work to change minds, hearts and habits during this time of year , "said Wendy Higgins, communications director of Humane Society International at The Dodo

The Humane Society International is on all fronts to try to change things in these countries where dogs do not yet have the same value as for us Westerners. Recently, the association saved 171 breeding dogs that were adopted for adoption in the United States and Canada.

Their goal today is to develop aid to breeders so that they find a job that allows them to earn a living under other conditions... while of course trying to change Korean attitudes.

The younger generations have a new state of mind: rocked by Western traditions, the latter wish to consume less and less canine meat.

" We have noticed that many dog ​​breeders wish to change their activities, in particular because they are under increasing pressure from their children to stop killing dogs. However, they need help in this transition, and that's where we come in. But we need the South Korean government to get involved too. [...] With the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, we call on politicians to work with us to relegate dog consumption to history books Said Andrew Plumbly, Campaigner for the Humane Society International

Feel free to sign the petition calling for the abolition of the Boknal Festival!

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