Bo appears on Obama family greetings cards

Bo Obama, the most famous dog of the United States, is definitely THE Christmas star!

The beautiful Portuguese water dog of the American president does not hesitate to steal the show to his family at the end of the year yet marked by the re-election of Barack Obama...

After making his show in a video presentation of the Christmas decorations of the White House, where he sported a very seyant red and white cap, here is that Bo makes a new talk about him

No film this time, but an image. And not any, no, the one on the official Obama family greeting cards .

Bo, all in style under the snow!

Only some privileged, sorted on the shutter, will have the pleasure of receiving this card. But those who do not have this chance can still admire on the Internet!

No doubt, it will seduce dog lovers . Created by American artist Larassa Kabel, who is used to painting horses, she represents Bo walking with all the elegance we know in a thick layer of snow covering the lawn of the White House

This drawing is inspired by a photograph provided by the White House, but Larassa Kabel had the idea to add a scarf around the neck of the First Dog

Bo was honored last year on the Obama family's greeting card. The dog was represented in the White House library, warming his feet in front of the fireplace.

In 2011, already Bo was displayed on the Obama family greeting card

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