Blue Monday: 10 depressed cats and dogs who need a hug urgently

The 3 e Monday of each month of January is considered to be the day the most depressing of the year. A dark day that seems to contaminate our pets...

After Christmas, the new year and the galette des rois, the sad return to reality. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays gone, the flat calm of our tidy lives is resetting... like Monday after the weekend. The "Blue Monday" is this awareness post-festivities. Cats and dogs, again alone after your holidays by their side, are unfortunately not insensitive:

1. Grumpy Cat is obviously not very happy in this Blue Monday

© Instagram - @realgrumpycat

2. Chùpy obviously needs a big kisses

© Instagram - @detras_de

3. Who to caress Cairo in order to chase away his dark ideas?

© Instagram - @dani_shaisphynx

4. Grumpy Dog, the famous feline dog

© Instagram - @grumpy__dog

5. Slow blow for Muffy... we send him tenderness?

© Instagram - @muffy_the_ragdollcat

6. "Are you sure you can not stay in bed?"

© Instagram - @oliath

7. "Human... give me hugs!"

© Instagram - @quietlaughter

8. The Monday blues? Unfortunately Lulu knows...

© Instagram - @ carrie.dia

9. It's decided: Chewbie will be depressed until he kisses

© Instagram - @chewbie_the_cat

10. "It's soon to be Tuesday?"

© Instagram - @wlawes

Well, after that, the "Blue Monday" remains a marketing concept... do not forget it. However, beware: cats and dogs can suffer from depression . If they develop unusual behaviors, sleep more, eat less... do not hesitate to take them to consult a veterinarian!

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