Blind, these two cats have been watching over each other since their birth

Life is hard for stray cats. She is even more so for kittens. So imagine a bit for blind stray kittens...

Stevie and Isaac were found in an area of ​​Sydney, Australia. The lady who saw them decided to feed them but could not keep them, she entrusted them to the association Inner City Strays Rescue Group . The twins were then three weeks . At this age, kittens already have their eyes open. However, those of Stevie and Isaac remained closed.

© Facebook / Inner City Strays

To avoid infection, both kittens had to be operated on. Isaac was partially able to recover his vision, but he will still have to undergo surgery. Stevie is sentenced to a life in the dark

© Facebook / Inner City Strays

Fortunately, Stevie can count on his brother to look after him, and vice versa. When one finds himself alone, he begins to cry, and the other runs to find him. Together, they grow up like all the little "normal" kittens, play, eat, and start to meow. Once they are fully recovered, they will be offered adoption.

© Facebook / Inner City Strays

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