Blind, a dog "miraculously" covers sight

The vets feared that she lost her sight forever. But against all odds, thanks to his treatment, the bitch of an English couple recently could see the light of day...

Adopted at the age of four, Roxy the incredible giant Schnauzer was probably the one of the happiest bitches in the world. Always cheerful, cuddly wish and full of life , however, she lost a little of its joy of living last March, says the website of the Veterinary Association Animal Health Trust .

Without anyone really understanding why, Roxy suddenly went blind . After realizing that their dog was no longer running after the ball and bumping against the walls, her masters took her to the Animal Health Trust. This is where a detachment of the retina, whose cause remains unexplained, was diagnosed.

© Animal Health Trust

Little by little, Roxy's masters had to learn to live with a dog blinded. They hung a bell on their first dog's collar so Roxy would follow him and be guided. They wrapped the garden furniture with bubble wrap so that it would not bump into it. Everything was set up so that the bitch could lead as normal a life as possible.

But the incredible thing happened when, during a walk, Roxy started to react to a man walking towards her. Shortly after, she seemed to see the children running in front of her. Her teachers then decided to bring her back to the Animal Health Trust. After some tests, the verdict fell: Roxy had found the sight !

No one knows, at present, to explain why the bitch lost and then recovered this direction. But one thing is certain: more than ever, Roxy has a crush on life!

© Animal Health Trust

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