Blind but alive, this cat shows his happiness every day to his savior

Found perched in a tree in the parking lot of a Walmart in the United States then he was a tiny kitten, he was saved in extremis. Missing nothing, he is now the joy of his host family.

He is now happier than ever and wants to let him know. Before being adopted by Nikky, a woman from Las Vegas who only lives for the wandering kittens she gathers, he was on his own. Suffering from microphthalmia , a disease that reduced his eyeballs, his eyes were badly infected... which almost cost him his life when he was stuck on top of a tree.

But thanks to a good Samaritan and Nikki's friend passing by, the cat was able to be safely lowered from its perch . It was then recovered by the young woman who gave him all the necessary care.

A cat source of inspiration

If his eyes were removed surgically to avoid any new infection, his joy of living - she - remained intact. The baptized Wally lives like any other cat. He eats, sleeps, plays and enjoys life quite normally...

He even allows himself some acrobatics!

"He is a source of inspiration for me and for others despite his disability," Nikki also wrote on Instagram .

And very soon, he will join his new family forever.

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