Blaze, the Husky who says "no" to his niche and his master! (Video)

" No, I will not go into my niche, I'm much better here on the carpet! You can insist as much as you want, my answer is no! " : this is what Blaze, a Husky has already melted, and laugh, more than 2 million Internet users in ten days only, respond to his master in this video!

From the height of his 11 months, Blaze does not lack character, it's the least we can say. And he does not just growl to matify his categorical refusal to leave his soft carpet. No, Blaze speaks!
You do not believe it? So watch the video, and you'll hear distinctly this adorable doggie say "no" to his human!

As John says, his proud owner, Blaze did not go in his niche ! How to stand up to a talking dog!

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