Black cats, stars of the SPA for Halloween (Video)

No, black cats do not bring bad luck! The Society for the Protection of the Animals ( SPA ) intends to " bend the neck " to this idea which for centuries has weighed on the black tomatoes .

A On the occasion of Halloween , several shelters have decided to honor the feline victims of the color of their coat. Companions of witches, evil animals with bad luck... Often, black cats are abandoned because of superstition .

The volunteers of the SPA hope to get a message in this week. Halloween: black cats are like other cats. Far from bringing misfortune, they are the promise of a lot of happiness for those who will adopt them!

" The important thing is not the color, but the love it give you "

From the 26th to the 31st of October, the Compiègne refuge has been filled with pumpkins, and some of its protégés have been honored on a series. of photos . This is particularly the case of Penny, a beautiful little black European cat aged 3.5 years. Adorable, she is waiting for one thing: to be adopted and to receive all the love she deserves .

For its part, the refuge of Forbach has bet on the humor by realizing a video posted on Youtube. This short film goes back on prejudices which sadly penalize the black tomcats, before allowing us to admire very beautiful cats live their lives of cats, like any other cats!

" The important thing is not the color, but the love he intends to give you ", concludes this beautiful video, which we hope will help to convince future masters to be seduced by a beautiful black-tailed cat .