Big contest of the re-entry: a picture = a gift voucher

For our animals too it's back! No more days glued to us, long walks and the sun on the truffle. The days will be long and the rides in the rain much less pleasant. But to cheer them up, AllCreatureAnimalClinic is here! In order to cope with the autumn, we offer you 200 euros of gifts for your animals *!

You like to take your 4-legged friends in pictures? So you have all your chances to win this contest!

How to win?

To be one of the lucky ones and to offer a nice present to your companion, go on the Instagram application .

The principle is simple :

  1. Subscribe to Instagram AllCreatureAnimalClinic: @insta_AllCreatureAnimalClinic
  2. Post a photo of your pet on your Instagram page by tagging it in description: #AllCreatureAnimalClinic #contestrentree

The winners will be drawn from the participants ! So fast, to your cell phones and to your flashes !

* vouchers