Beverly Hills Chihuahua Contest 2: The Winners List

Many of you have participated in film Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 ! This sequel to the feature film featuring a little Chihuahua dog lost far from the beautiful Beverly Hills neighborhoods promises a lot of hilarious scenes but also a lot of action.

Let's now see the 3 good ones answers to the quiz:

1. What is the name of Chloe's mate?
The correct answer was: Papi

2. How many puppies did the two heroes have together?
The correct answer was: 5

3. What do they intend to do to help their teachers in financial difficulty?
The correct answer was: to win the first prize in a dog contest ($ 50,000) .

Now it is time to reveal the list of winners of the contest! After the draw, here is the list of 10 lucky who will receive by mail their DVD of the movie The Chihuahua of Beverly Hills 2 :

- knacky

- Little Dino

- feather81

- najel

- smithouard

- chick

- chiara1

- daria11

- magnoliam

- sandrine17
Thank you all for your participation and for the losers, do not panic: there will soon be other contests on AllCreatureAnimalClinic!