Between dogs and cats: The animals get naked

A new show on your dogs and cats is born on your screens: the Vivolta channel has been broadcasting since 23 October Between dogs and cats showcasing exceptional animals!

Dog vs cat

We all agree that our animal is the most beautiful, the most stronger and smarter, but would you be willing to prove it to a jury and thousands of viewers?

These dogs and cats have a special talent and they intend to prove it to you: take their shower alone, open their bag of food, flirt with girls or do humanitarian work... These are the kinds of exploits that these gifted animals can achieve.

A jury will be present for decide between these hairy and competitors. Who has the most remarkable talent, who is the most beautiful, who has the most surprising story? This will be an opportunity to put the eternal dog vs dog on the carpet (red)

Masters to the test

In this show, you will discover masters who are completely gaga of their animals and who are ready to stage with them. To wonder who is the Man and who is the animal...

They often consider their animals as real people and assume it fully: it is their child, their companion of all moments or even their thunderbolt!

As much to warn you, emotions will be at the rendezvous! And we can already imagine that the jury will have a bad dog to decide between these competitors of all hairs and to designate a winner!

Between dogs and cats - every saturday to 11:30 from 23 October to at the end of December
Repeats: Wednesdays at 16:40 - Sundays at 17:05 and Fridays at 19:25

Vivolta : Channel 41 on CanalSat - Channel 74 on Numericable