Berlin establishes dog license in

On May 18th, the German capital introduced a new law asking Berliners to pass a permit before being able to acquire a dog...

A permit for hold a four-legged? We know that this practice exists for dogs categorized since 2007 in France... but a license to hold all types of dogs, we only knew this principle in the north of Germany and Switzerland... also, on this momentum, Berlin has in turn wished to introduce this certificate to attest to the good behavior of citizens with their doggies. Indeed, the purpose of this permit is to prove that the owner controls his animal, the latter must not endanger neither humans nor other animals.

In order to acquire a new dog, Berliners will therefore have to pass a series of practical and theoretical tests as well as an obedience test . In addition, the new law, which will come into force in 2016, calls for compulsory leash maintenance in 38 special zones for doggies measuring more than 30cm at the withers. Different locations are available and already forbidden to access dogs, such as the lakeside lakes Schlachtensee and Krumme Lanke

Law of Discord

While Berlin today has nearly 100,000 dogs, these measures worry more moreover dog owners who start to feel cramped. Especially since the price of this permit is not given: 100 € accompanied by an annual fee of 40 € . Many Berliners have doubts about the viability of this law. " I can not afford such an expense and I'm not the only one in this case ," said a dog lover interviewed by the Berlin Online ... while adding that the lack of staff for the controls makes the operation difficult given the number of parks present in the capital.

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