Bentley is the largest dog in the world

It is over one meter in the withers, weighs over 100 kilos and eats close to 50 kilograms of food every month - this is Bentley! This magnificent Great Dane may well be the largest dog in the world.

Bentley, 5 years old, lives in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, USA, and his family hopes to see him in the near future. entry in the record books . He would then succeed Zeus. This beautiful Great Dane, or Grand Dane, held the record for two years before dying out a little over a year ago.

Is it a dog? Is it a horse?

When Bentley strolls down the street, he obviously does not go unnoticed. " Many people take out their phone, or ask" Is it a dog? Is it a horse, "says Bob Magliocchi, the proud owner of this huge dog. Lover of these big dogs, he always had some at his side. But none has reached such a size!

" I think veterinarians were really impressed by its size because they said they had never seen one as big .

Bentley, he does not seem to be aware of his impressive size when he lies on the sofa. His family will know by the end of the year if this big fat giant is the biggest dog or not of the world

> Zeus, the largest dog in the world, has died