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If for some masters, having a dog of character turns out to be a real c alvaire, for others it can be a real pleasure and a source of joy in everyday life!

The point with canine educator Antonio Ruiz, who explains to us why the dog must be able to show character and to what masters this type of dog is particularly well suited.

Dogs of character, for which master?

The man is so made that some are proud to have "a dog not convenient" even they are unable to control it, look for the mistake! Others more responsible, able to hold their "fierce", like to feel masters of this power .

Others still, knowing that they are rough and difficult to live in everyday life, seek a dog that can psychologically support the pressure. We are here in an area of ​​the human mind that a shrink would have happiness to explore.

For those who practice sporting or utilitarian activities , a dog of character is however a true blessing.

Who are the dogs of character and why are they

How many breeds of hunting dog were selected to deal with game not always friendly (would it be- if you were trying to eliminate yourself?)

Still, in front of a wild boar or a badger in its burrow, dogs must show strong character . Hence a strong character common to all breeds of hunting dogs (Brittany spaniel, English cocker spaniel, setters, etc.), which mixes tenacity and obstinacy .

The dog of a dog handler security or police patrolling in an unsafe area and who must intervene against a gang of criminals also has interest in showing character and even courage. army dogs in operation theaters, for example, must be able to accomplish their mission despite a hostile environment .

Similarly, dogs Rescuers must demonstrate flawless obstinacy in the rubble to save lives. An environment of the most dangerous as well physically (risk of injury) as psychologically (tension, hyper-noisy atmosphere...)

A dog of character in a family?

For the standard family, the management of a dog that has a character less simple everyday . Even if some people like to think that the dog will be able to heroism in case of danger and save the woman or the children of robbers, a swimming accident or a fire. Unfortunately, the few stories that the press echoes are only exceptional cases, whether the dog has character or not elsewhere.

If you have a dog of character in spite of you, make sure to bring him a firm and flexible education in a well-defined framework, a guarantee of a harmonious relationship based on complicity.

If you do not have one but it is a required criterion in the acquisition of your future dog, think carefully: having a dog with character is not easy every day and will require more than patience and education throughout his life... The animal, of character or not, must in no case be used <0999>, just like a nice car or a nice watch. To go further: The character of the dog

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