Belle et Sébastien 3: a film rich in emotions to enjoy without restraint

Expected in theaters on February 14th, Belle et Sébastien 3 is the latest installment of a trilogy that has been widely acclaimed.

this last episode, two years have passed. Sebastien is at the dawn of adolescence and Belle has become the mother of three adorable puppies. Pierre and Angelina are about to get married and dream of a new life, elsewhere... To the chagrin of Sebastien who refuses to leave his mountain. When Joseph, the former master of Belle, resurfaces decided to recover his dog, Sebastian is facing a terrible threat. More than ever, he will have to put everything in place to protect his friend and his children...

Far from suffering from the comparison with the previous two parts of the adventures of Belle and Sebastien, this third film shows itself on the contrary more exciting and intense. We find a Clovis Cornillac (who also stages the film) perfect in his role of "villain" and puppies all more adorable than each other , as you can already from now 'glimpse into the official trailer

Touching, rich in emotions and always beautiful with beautiful landscapes, this Belle et Sébastien 3 should delight young and old. A family fresco not to be missed

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Program: Cocktail, Photocall and projection of the film under the sign of solidarity.