The Bel Air dog, or when a Pitbull thinks he's Will Smith! (Video of the day)

To promote the adoption of animals in shelters , The Pet Collective , a Youtube channel entirely dedicated to this cause, has put on line an excellent video, which will not fail to make smile the fans of Prince de Bel Air , this series which made known a Will Smith

Fresh Pup of Bel Air , is the name given to this parody of the credits of the series, particularly well done.

Will Smith is replaced by a Pitbull called Fido . And James Avery, the actor who played Uncle Phil, generously agreed to make an appearance in this parody telling the adoption of a young dog by a family of Bel Air .

The goal of this video ? To make the history of the Bel Air dog a reality for all these poor animals who are locked up in shelters in the four corners of the world, expect nothing but the warmth and love of a home.

The Bel Air dog has nothing to envy of Will Smith!

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