Being the master of a cat can make you a follower of sadomasochism

According to a recent survey conducted in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, cat owners have sexier spicy lives than others...

No, the worst thing a cat can do is not cover your bed of hair or scratch your favorite curtains. It may also unintentionally affect your sexual behaviors . Yes really. This is at least what a study published recently in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology reveals. All this would be due to a parasite present in his brain that he can transmit to you.

How? Well... through his litter. In contact with the feces of your living tiger, you can indeed contract the toxoplasma gondii which is none other than the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis.

How toxoplasmosis affects our sexuality ?

Toxoplasmosis is a fairly common and asymptomatic parasitic disease that is transmitted from cats to humans but can also be contracted after eating poorly washed foods or undercooked meats . According to the latest estimates, more than a third of the world's population would suffer without knowing it. However, it is harmful for non-immune pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems.

But how does it make you potential "sex beasts"? Quite simply: according to the scientists, the latter would be directly linked to sexual excitement thanks to stimuli... and would affect your fear, your perception of danger, your violence. Hence the attraction for certain practices more daring when one is affected.

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